I’d like to personally thank each of you for taking an interest in our disc jockey entertainment business. 

My name is Jeff Baker, and my wife Amy & I own and operate “Let The Good Times Roll” DJ Service. We are located in Martinsburg, WV, and we’ve been in business since 1996. 


I realize hiring a disc jockey for an important event or occasion can be a stressful decision to make, so I’d like to tell you a little about us.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve made hundreds of our clients very happy with our professional entertainment service. One of the first questions many clients ask is “What is the main difference in your company, and the many others available to us”?

In one word, PROFESSIONALISM! We have a stellar record of being on time, having a positive attitude, being professionally dressed, making correct announcements, and above all, customizing your day to your individual needs. 

We’ll schedule a consultation to review your dreams and map out a plan to bring them to fruition. 

We can help you choose songs, as well as coordinate each event in the order you prefer. By having a consultation, you can be confident every aspect of your reception will be flawless.

I am the only DJ employed at my company, so I will be the actual DJ at your event. My wife Amy will assist in coordinating your wedding reception. 

When we book your event, your date is for you exclusively. This eliminates any confusion, or rushing on your big day.

We provide two complete sets of state-of-the art DJ equipment. This enables the entertainment to continue smoothly throughout your event no matter what! 

We offer our clients a complete library of music to choose from, with over 40,000 songs available for your request. 

I arrive at your wedding reception in a formal tuxedo ready to make special announcements and entertain your guests with wedding-friendly music as well as your special requests. 

You can count on tasteful and professional entertainment. I want to entertain your guests with good music, professional announcing, and clean fun. 

This is your special day, and we want you to shine. And we guarantee your personal satisfaction!

Thank you,

DJ Jeff Baker

DJ Jeff Baker of Martinsburg WV

DJ Jeff Baker of Martinsburg WV

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